Introduction to Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana de Hoy

This edition is produced following the same principles of translation as LA BIBLIA DE LAS AMERICAS and seeks to reach a great number of Hispanic readers, including the growing Hispanic population of the United States of America.

The Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana de Hoy is a faithful translation of the original Scriptures as they were originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.

The NBLH is written in today's language with contemporary words and phrases to make reading and understanding easier. The pronoun, 'ustedes', with its corresponding verbs, has been used in place of 'vosotros'. The formal pronoun 'usted' has been used in those instances when a person is addressing someone superior.

Proper names have been capitalized to stress the importance of those terms in the reading and studding of the Bible. (See 'Mayusculas' in the Formato General.)

The original translation of LA BIBLIA DE LAS AMERICAS was produced by twenty-two translators and consultants and took fifteen years to be completed. LBLA was the basis for Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana de Hoy.

The NBLH has been made with the conviction that the Word of God be presented in such a way that aids every reader to study and understand His Word, whether being well versed in the Gospel or just beginning to walk in the ways of the Lord.

May the Name of God be always praised and glorified!


Nueva Biblia Latinoamerican de los Hoy
Principles of Translation

The Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana de Hoy, with amplifications and references, is a faithful translation from the Sacred Scriptures as originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. It has been produced to offering Spanish speaking people the richness and the power of the Word of God in a way that becomes a true treasure and a practical translation for study.

This new version is a product of intense labor and dedication of of scholars from different Christian denominations representing various Latin American countries and the United States. The NBLH has been produced with the conviction that the words of Scripture, as originally penned in the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, were inspired by God. Since they are the eternal Word of God, the Holy Scriptures speak with fresh power to each generation, to give wisdom that leads to salvation so that men and women may serve Christ for the glory of God.

HEBREW TEXT: The latest edition of Rudolf Kittel's BIBLIA HEBRAICA has been employed together with the most recent light from lexicography, cognate languages, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

GREEK TEXT: Consideration was given to the latest available manuscripts with a view to determining the best Greek text. In most instances the 27th edition of Eberhard Nestle's NOVUM TESTAMENTUM GRAECE was followed.

The Fourfold Aim That Guides All of Our Translation Work

1. These publications shall be true to the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.
2. They shall be grammatically correct.
3. They shall be understandable.
4. They shall give the Lord Jesus Christ His proper place, the place which the Word gives Him; therefore, no work will ever be personalized.


Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana de Hoy is based on La Biblia de las Américas. The translation team was composed of college, university, and seminary language professors and pastors who represent various major evangelical denominations. They worked together in translation teams for a period of 15 years in order to complete this Bible. The translators were chosen for their skill and dedication and are from various locations throughout Latin America, Spain, and the United States of America to ensure that La Biblia de las Américas would communicate with Spanish-speaking people around the world.

LBLA Translators

Dr. Ismael Amaya
Dr. Israel Carmona
Rev. Herbert Cassel
Rev. H. O. Espinoza
Dr. Osvaldo García
Rev. Eduardo Hernández
Dr. Carlos Madrigal
Dr. Jesse Miranda
Dr. Enrique Tolopilo
Rev. Felipe Train
Dr. Duane Wetzler
Dr. Enrique Zone


Dr. José Arrequín
Mrs. Becky Brown
Dr. Antonio Serrano
Rev. Otto de la Torre

Old Testament Consultant

Dr. Frank García

New Testament Consultant

Dr. Moisés Silva

Critical Readers

Dr. Américo Castro
Rev. María Luisa Falber
Mrs. Antonia Martínez
Rev. Samuel Molina
Dr. Steve Pallady
Dr. José A. Reyes
Dra. Rosa Reyes
Dra. Joanna Roldán
Mrs. Helen Sands
Rev. Antonio Tolopilo

Rev. Eduardo Hernández
Dr. Osvaldo García
Dr. Duane Wetzler

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