The Lockman Foundation

The Lockman Foundation is a nonprofit, nondenominational ministry dedicated to the translation, publication, and distribution of the New American Standard Bible (NASB), Amplified Bible (AMP), La Biblia de las Américas (LBLA), Nueva Biblia de las Américas (NBLA), and other biblical resources.

The New American Standard Bible - NASB 2020

If you want a Bible that is recognized for its accuracy, clarity, and readability, the NASB 2020 could be just the Bible you’ve been searching for. This update of the widely respected NASB 1995 builds upon its strengths by further improving accuracy, modernizing language, and improving readability. Going verse by verse, every aspect of vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and meaning was carefully reviewed in the update process.

Significant advances have been made in biblical scholarship in the past 25 years and the NASB 2020 takes advantage of all of it. Likewise, English has evolved and changed over the past few decades, and this refreshed text is designed to speak clearly to current and future generations.

Accuracy you can trust, in the English you speak. Come explore this exciting new update and see how the NASB 2020 can help your spiritual life flourish!


The NASB Tony Evans Study Bible

The NASB Tony Evans Study Bible includes extensive study notes, commentary, sermons, and writings crafted and curated by Dr. Tony Evans. Including over 150 videos via QR code, these features are strategically placed alongside the biblical text to explain God’s Word in a fresh way, guiding readers into a deeper understanding of Scripture. With tools for application, this Bible is designed to inspire readers to live and share the values of the kingdom of God.

Discover devotionals designed to enrich and strengthen your walk with the Lord. Whether it’s a series based on a book, theme, or an individual passage, spending daily time in the Word is the best way to experience growth in your spiritual life.

Looking to expand your biblical literacy? Check out these classic Bible stories to refresh and remind yourself of the familiar Bible stories you heard so often as a kid or use these to introduce a whole new generation to the wonderful accounts of your faith.

Search over 200,000 Bible questions, answers, and notes. If you have a question on a verse, look up that verse to find answers. Read and study the Bible to grow in your Christian faith.