Legacy Standard Bible (LSB)

The Legacy Standard Bible is a direct update of the NASB 1995 edition and fundamentally endeavors to uphold it. The translators went back to the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek of every verse in order to double check its accuracy. Any changes made strictly revolved around providing greater consistency in word usage, accuracy in grammatical structure, and tightening phrasing. Sometimes these changes will incorporate what was found in the earlier NASB ’77 edition. However, if no update was needed, then the text was left as originally translated by the NASB ’95. Thus, as opposed to a brand new translation, the LSB is truly designed to be a legacy edition. It is a version that honors and upholds the NASB tradition, and endeavors to more fully implement its translation philosophy

The Legacy Standard Bible is a translation that—at its core—seeks to be a window into the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. By translating individual words as consistently as possible within their various nuances, it allows the reader to discern what God originally wrote and know the author’s intent. In this way, the LSB seeks to be an improvement upon the NASB ’95, while simultaneously preserving its faithful legacy.

The Legacy Standard Bible was completed by a team of scholars from The Master’s Seminary and University. Working directly from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek to update the text of the NASB ’95, the goal for the LSB to preserve and honor its predecessors was accomplished.

The Legacy Standard Bible is managed in partnership with Three Sixteen Publishing, Inc.

Legacy Standard Bible
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