Break Through
the Language

Clarity of

Literal Equivalents
of the Original
Greek &
Hebrew Text

In publication since 1958, the Amplified Bible is a literal equivalent translation of the Word of God that uses synonyms and definitions to explain and expand the meaning of words in the text. This unique system of translation is treasured by readers around the world for its unique ability to bring life to the original meaning of the words, as they were understood in their original language. Explore a range of formats and texts of the Amplified Bible below.

Amplified (Classic Edition) The Everyday Life Bible

Amplified Bible (Classic Edition)

Amplified Bible (Classic Edition) Mass Market Paperback

Amplified Bible-Battlefield Of The Mind Bible

Amplified Holy Bible

Amplified Holy Bible-Compact

Amplified Holy Bible-Large Print

Amplified Outreach Bible

Amplified Reading Bible

Amplified Study Bible

Audio – Amplified Bible (Classic Edition)

Classic Comparative Side-by-side Bible

Comparative Study Bible

Daily Meditation Audio Bible Player

Everyday Life Bible

KJV and Amplified Parallel Bible

NASB / Amplified (Classic Edition) Parallel Bible

The Amplified Topical Reference Bible