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Amplified Bible

Without sacrificing accuracy, the goal of the Amplified Bible is to reveal any other clarifying meanings from the original languages that may be concealed by the traditional translation method. It uses synonyms and definitions to explain and expand the meaning of words in the text. It does this by placing amplification in parentheses, brackets, and after keywords. As a result, English readers can clearly and completely grasp the meaning as it was understood by the readers of the original languages. 

Additionally, amplifications may provide further theological, historical, and other details for a better understanding of the text. Amplifications are used to reveal a word’s intensity or power along with the shades of meaning in the Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek word used in the original text. The genius of this translation lies in its rigorous attempt to go beyond the traditional method to bring out the richness of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek languages for the reader to personally experience. 

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