NASB 1977 Shoppiing

New American Standard Bible - NASB 1977

The NASB 1977 is the original version preceding the NASB 1995 and NASB 2020 updates. It uses a very traditional style of old English that includes vocabulary, such as “thee,” “thy,” and “thou.” This edition is not widely available since it has been replaced by the NASB 1995, NASB 2020, and LSB editions that use more modern English and words more commonly understood today. Some of the English used in the NASB 1977 is no longer understood by the average modern-day reader and therefore it can be misunderstood or incorrectly interpreted. With each revision of the NASB we have improved accuracy and modernized the English language to current standards to maintain its accuracy and clearly communicate the meaning of the text as written in the original language.